Card Slabs Pack of 2, PSA Card Sleeves, Acrylic Card Protector for Graded Cards, 2 PSA Card Protectors, CGC or Similar

  • KEEP YOUR CARD LIKE A PSA CARD: exclusive protectors for your best cards. Give your cards a note and achieve the highest valuation on your collector cards.
  • TOTALLY FITTED: Our acrylic card sleeves have been created for all types of cards such as Pokemon, Magic, YuGiOh, NBA, NFL, MLB, soccer, Dragon Ball… Ideal to protect your collection.
  • ZERO DIRT: Card Slabs made of high quality acrylic plastic, designed to keep cards in their entirety, against dust, water or other external agents harmful to their conservation.
  • FRIKI MONKEY CARD SLABS: Card sleeves prepared for the greatest card collectors, protection assured.
  • PROTECTOR MEASUREMENTS: The Slabs have measures of: 135x80mm.

In stock


In stock

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