Premium Top Loader Card Protector 63.5 mm x 88.9 mm (3′ x 4′) (Pack of 25 pcs.)

  • TOTALLY PERFECTED: Toploaders with high quality robust plastic, avoiding soiling, care to detail to protect your cards from folds, stains and dirt that spoil your collection.
  • IDEAL FOR SHOWING OFF YOUR CARDS: Our card sleeves are made and designed to carry and use your card collection anywhere.
  • THE CHOICE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IN CARD PROTECTORS: Every fan of Pokémon, Magic, NBA, Yugi-Oh, soccer, is looking for the best card protector on the market.
  • PROTECTION: the sleeves adapt to almost all types of cards helping to protect the structure of the card at all times. Choosing this pack your cards will be absolutely impenetrable.
  • SIZE: Toploader card Protector 63.5 mm x 88.9 mm (3′ x 4′).



In stock


In stock

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Weight 310 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 8 cm