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Bandai Dragon Ball Super Shodo Super Saiyan Blue Vegeto 2017

  • Figure name: Vegeto
  • Transformation: Super Saiyan Blue
  • Set: Shodo World Fun Action Figure
  • Set Number: n/a
  • Requires assembly: No

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Out of stock

“Would ya look at me? I’m setting records!” Vegeto.

Vegito is a mixture of both Goku and Vegeta’s characteristics, with a few deviations. He has the same body type as Goku, while his hair color is dark brown to reddish brown. He has Goku’s softer jawline and Vegeta’s sharper eyes. Vegito’s upper hair style stands firmly upwards like Vegeta, while having Goku’s hairline and has two bangs sticking out like a downward “V” shape. When he transforms into a Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan Blue, his hair shape stays the same. Vegito wears two yellow Potara earrings as result of the Potara fusion, and wears Goku’s style of clothing with the colors reversed, reflecting Vegeta’s outfit; he wears a blue gi and sash with an orange undershirt. Also from Vegeta, he wears white gloves and boots.

This figure contains additional interchangeable pieces such as 4 hands with different postures.

Get the most powerful warrior in the universe!


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