Barbie Fashionistas Original 106 (Mattel FXL46 JA10) 2019

  • Model: Fashionistas
  • Set Number: 106
  • Year: 2019
  • Theme: Fashion
  • Designer: n/a

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The most popular doll in toys, social networks and advertisements, has a lot of curious data. Barbie is the doll with more followers on Instagram, with more likes on Facebook, with higher sales compared to other dolls, she is quite a queen.

There are some curiosities about the Barbie doll and here we take care to share them with you, find out the real name of the doll, her age, the couples she has had and other strange data that seem predictions.

This doll wears a floral dress with blue, pink, yellow, red and green. She wears long pink trendy earrings and long black hair

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