Barbie Fashionistas Original with Tie Dye Top 112 (Mattel FBR37 FYB31) 2018

  • Model: Fashionistas
  • Set Number: 112
  • Year: 2018
  • Theme: Fashion
  • Designer: n/a

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“I loved playing with Barbies, that’s why I didn’t stop!” – Brad Goreski

The Barbie doll was first launched in 1959, ever since it has been a very important in the toy industry. The idea of creating Barbie came from Ruth Handler, Mattel’s co-founder’s wife. She realised her daughter was interested in playing with dolls that looked like women instead of looking like infants, so she suggested this idea to her husband.

This wonderful collection of the most famous doll ever known has amazing Barbies with all different looks and styles. This one in particular has chestnut coloured hair and eyes, and is wearing a cool tie dye top and denim shorts. Her skin is quite bronzed as if she has been sun bathing, which blends in really nicely with the colourful top. This doll is also wearing white heels that match nicely with the “hello” white print on her top.

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