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Greenlight Hollywood Little Miss Sunshine 1978 Volkswagen Type 2 (T2) Bus 2018

  • Brand: Volkswagen
  • Model: 1978 Type 2 (T2) Bus
  • Set: Greenlight Hollywood
  • Year: 2018
  • Designer: n/a

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Out of stock

This Greenlight model is based on one of the most iconics vehicles ever made by Volkswagen, the 1978 Type 2 Panel Van. It comes on a yellow color and a design you are going to love.

When writing the script, Arndt chose the Volkswagen Combi for the road trip based on his experience with the vehicle and its practical use for filming. Five VW Combis were used for the family car and some were modified to adapt them to different filming techniques.

Three of the vans had engines, and the two without engines were mounted on trailers. Several of the truck related problems that were included in the argument (broken clutch, jammed horn and hinge exit door) are based on similar problems experienced by scriptwriter Arndt during a trip when he was a child in the same type of vehicle.

Don’t doubt about it and get this legendary Volkswagen bus now, before they take it away from you, here at Friki Monkey.



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