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Hot Wheels ’19 Ford Ranger Raptor 185/250 2019 5/10 short card

  • Brand: Ford
  • Model: ’19 Ford Ranger Raptor
  • Set: HW Hot Trucks
  • Set Number: 5/10
  • Year: 2019
  • Designer: Lindsey Lee

Only 2 left in stock


Only 2 left in stock

This fantastic yellow car with black finishes is based on the Ford F-150.

Here we find the new ’19 Ford Ranger Raptor, a car created exclusively to emulate the largest 4x4s in history. This vehicle is born after a decline in terms of pickups in Spain in recent years, which has allowed a new and modern model to attract drivers again.

The world of pick-ups has taken a deep breath in recent times in Europe, which has led major brands to innovate and present new models or innovations of those already known. All this makes the pick-up sector more and more eye-catching.

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