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Hot Wheels ’67 Shelby GT-500 HW Flames 33/250 2019 short card

  • Brand: Ford
  • Model:  ’67 Shelby GT-500
  • Set: HW Flames
  • Set Number: 10/10
  • Year: 2019
  • Designer: Unknown

In stock


In stock

“The reason I moved to California the first time was to build the Cobra. I thought it was stupid to have a 1918 taxicab engine in what Europeans lit to call a performance car when a little American V-8 coul do the job better” Carroll Shelby

Following Ford’s integration with the Special Vehicle Team and the new relationship with Carroll Shelby in 2006, the car SVT designed to be the new Mustang Cobra SVT was christened the Ford Shelby GT500. Based on what was the new Mustang S197 and with a supercharged version of 500 horsepower, this vehicle mounted a V8 of 5.4 liters and 32 valves.

This vehicle is capable of reaching 0 to 100 in 4.5 seconds and perform a ¼ mile in just 12.6 seconds.

If you like excitement, adrenaline and good cornering, don’t miss this fantastic Hot Wheels inspired by the real Ford Shelby GT500.

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