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Hot Wheels ’95 Camaro Flamin’ 4/5 2003 long card

  • Brand: Chevrolet
  • Model: 95′ Camaro
  • Set: Flamin’ Hot Wheels
  • Set number: 4/5
  • Year: 2003
  • Designer: Larry Wood

Only 2 left in stock


Only 2 left in stock

“Movement is the universal language of personal freedom” Louis Chevrolet

The fourth generation of the Camaro was produced by American automobile manufacturer Chevrolet for the 1993 through 2002 model years; although the last 30 models were unofficially sold in 2003. It was introduced on an updated F-body platform, but would retain the same characteristic since the first-generation’s introduction back in 1967; 2-doors, 2+2 seating, coupe (with optional T-top roof) or convertible bodystyles, rear-wheel drive, and a choice of pushrod V6 and V8 powerplants. The Camaro was refreshed and revised in 1998 with both exterior and engine changes. The fourth-generation of the Camaro would continue production up to the 2002 model year when General Motors discontinued production due to slow sales, a deteriorated sports coupé market, and plant overcapacity.

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