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Hot Wheels Alpine A110 Factory Fresh 238/250 2019 short card

  • Brand: Alpine
  • Model: A110
  • Set: Factory Fresh
  • Set Number: 6/10
  • Year: 2019
  • Designer: Tyler Charest

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Out of stock

“We are driven by passion” Anonymous

The Alpine A110 was introduced in 1961 as an evolution of the A108, and was equipped with several Renault engines.1 Like other Alpines sold to the public, the A110 used many Renault parts. However, while the A108 was designed on the mechanics of the Dauphine,1 the A110 used parts from the Renault 8.1 Unlike the A108, which had first been sold as a cabriolet and then as a coupé, the A110 was first offered as a “berlinetta” and then as a convertible. The main difference between the A110 and the A108 coupe was the re-styling of the rear in function of the larger engines, which gave the car a more aggressive appearance.

Like the A108, the A110 had a tubular steel chassis with fiberglass bodywork.1 This configuration was inspired by the Lotus Elan,1 with Colin Chapman being an important source of inspiration for Alpine designers at the time. The A110 was originally available with 1.1 L R8 Major or R8 Gordini engines (unrelated to the car of the same name sold in Brazil). The Gordini engine developed 95 hp SAE at 6500 rpm. Using R8 Gordini iron-block engines, the A110 achieved several victories in French rallies in the late 1960s, and later received the Renault 16 TS aluminium-block engine. With two Weber 45 double-body carburettors, the TS engine developed 125 hp DIN at 6000 rpm. This allowed the 1600S production to reach the top speed of 210 km/h.

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