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Hot Wheels BMW M1 Procar EuroSpeed 2/5 2018

  • Brand: BMW
  • Model: M1 Procar
  • Set: EuroSpeed
  • Set Number: 2/5
  • Year: 2018
  • Designer: Unknown

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Out of stock

“Do you like to drive?” BMW claim

The BMW M1 Procar is one of the most popular and beloved classic racing cars by motor racing enthusiasts. This racing model was built by BMW Motorsport in the late 1970s. A minimum of 400 street units had to be approved to receive a green light from the FIA to comply with Group 5 regulations.

At 1.14 metres high, with a central engine, 277 hp and a top speed of 260 km/h, if Walt Disney had seen it, he would have said: “What a beautiful beast!

Get this beautiful collector’s item, get the stone on which the empire we know today was built…

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