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Hot Wheels BMW M3 GT2 New Models 2012 5/247 2012 long card

  • Brand: BMW
  • Model: M3 GT2
  • Set: 2012 New Models
  • Set Number: 5/50
  • Year: 2012
  • Designer: Fraser Campbell

Out of stock


Out of stock

Hot Wheels based on the fantastic BMW M3 GT12 white, the most revered GTs of recent times.

A dry sumped racing version of the BMW P65, all aluminium, 90-degree V8 engine powers the M3 racecars. This has the same bore and stroke dimensions of 92mm and 75.2mm as the production power unit giving a swept volume of 3999cc. In its initial ALMS competition form, with two 30.1mm air inlet restrictors fitted, the engine generated 460bhp at 7500rpm with maximum torque of 500Nm at 5500rpm. For the engine’s 2010 configuration, BMW Motorsport quotes a peak power output of 500bhp at 8750rpm. In contrast, the production engine develops 420bhp at 8300rpm with a peak torque output of 400Nm at 3900rpm.

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