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Hot Wheels Fast-Bed Hauler HW Metro 207/250 2019 Short Card Treasure Hunt*


  • Brand: n/a
  • Model: Fast-Bed Hauler
  • Set: Hw Metro
  • Set Number: 8/10
  • Year: 2019
  • Designer: Abe Lugo

Only 1 left in stock

3,56 4,56

Only 1 left in stock

The Fast Bed Hauler is 207/250 on the main line, 8/10 on the HW Metro series, and a treasure hunt 2019. The truck is yellow and chromed with a black flatbed.

Black stripes, red and black checkered designs, black and gold treasure hunt symbol, Hot Wheels logo and “Jules Body Shop” detail the sides. The truck has chrome windows, gilded wheels and a black Malaysian plastic base.

This vehicle can be found in case “L” of 2019 Hot Wheels main line boxes.

Fast-Bed Hauler made its debut in the 2014 HW Off-Road – Stunt Circuit series. It is a one-tonne 1930s style flatbed crane with dual V8 engines.

*The Blister is damaged

Get your hands on it and burn the wheel!