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Hot Wheels Halo Urban Warthog Retro Entertainment 2018

“We are droppin’ into Hell, troopers! Time to grow a pair!”

  • Brand: n/a
  • Model: Urban Warthog
  • Set: 2018 Replica Entertainment Series
  • Set Number: Mix A
  • Year: 2018
  • Designer: Mark Jones

Only 1 left in stock


Only 1 left in stock

“We are droppin’ into Hell, troopers! Time to grow a pair!” Gunnery sergeant Edward Buck from the Halo videogame

This diecast is based on the M12 FAV Warthog. It is a fictional all-road vehicle featured in the popular Halo videogame series. It’s the most popular vehicle of the game.

The M12 Force Application Vehicle, more commonly known as the Warthog, or simply the Hog, is a United Nations Space Command (UNSC) ground vehicle. It is a 4-wheel all-terrain vehicle capable of going over any obstacle without difficulty. Its engine is a 12.0 litres forward-housed low-profile liquid-cooled hydrogen-injected ICE I/C plant, coupled with an infinitely variable transmission (IVT).

In the 2018 mainline release, a version of the UNSC Warthog named the ONI Warthog was introduced. In 2018, in the Entertainment Series, the Urban Warthog got his Real Riders.

If you are a fan of Real Riders, Halo or video game cars in general this Retro Entertainment casting should have a space in your shelf. Available now on Friki Monkey!