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Hot Wheels Mercedes Benz Unimog 1300 Hw Hot Trucks 7/250 2019 short card *

  • Brand: Mercedes-Benz
  • Model: Unimog 1300
  • Set: HW Hot Trucks
  • Set Number: 4/10
  • Year: 2019
  • Designer: Dmitriy Shakhmatov

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“The best or nothing- in the past, present and future” Karl Benz

In 1970 a possible replacement for the Unimog S 404 B was thought for. After competition with the 130M7FAL entered by Magirus-Deutz, the U 1300 L was selected in late 1977 as standard truck in it´s class in the West German Army and an order for around 18.000 vehicles was placed with Mercedes-Benz. First production vehicles were delivered in August 1978.
The U 1300 L is a standard production model with a number of alterations to suit it for military use, including a modified electrical system, use of a torsion-free platform with stowage boxes and mounting points for center seat bench and tarpaulin frame as well as anchoring points for van bodies, supports and attachments in the cab for military equipment such as small arms and the addition of an observation hatch in the roof.
The U 1300 L is used for transportation of cargo and personnel, as communication vehicle with shelter, ambulance, fire fighter, and as carrier for a 20 mm RH 202 machine gun.

Some vehicles have a 220V generator mounted at the front coupled to the front PTO.
The U 1300 have seen widespread service in the world serving in countries like Australia, France, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Turkey.

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Unimog 1300



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