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Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline Collector 019 2002 long card

  • Brand: Nissan
  • Model: Skyline GT-R
  • Set: Collector
  • Set Number: 019
  • Year: 2002
  • Designer: Rob Matthes

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Out of stock

The Skyline R33 was introduced in August 1993. A little heavier than the R32, it is available in coupe and sedan body styles. All models use a 6-cylinder engine. Nissan made the unusual decision to downgrade the GTS model to have only the RB20E engine, while the double-tree R32 GTS was suspended along with the 2.0L turbo RB20DET.

Some models come equipped with a new version of the HICAS 4-wheel steering system called Super HICAS. This computer-controlled system was first used on the R32 GT-R. Super HICAS uses electric actuators to steer the rear, as opposed to the hydraulic HICAS. This generation is no longer considered a “compact” under Japanese law, which determines the amount of tax liability on the basis of external dimensions.

Get this classic Skyline version for your Hot Wheels collection!