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Hot Wheels Porsche 911 Collector 590 1996 long card

  • Brand: Porsche
  • Model: 911
  • Set: Collector n.
  • Set Number: 590
  • Year: 1996
  • Designer: Unknown

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Out of stock

The Porsche 911  is a magnificent car made by Ferrari, was presented to the world in 1965 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, two years after the presentation of the first Porsche 911 as an alternative to this model but in convertible mode. The launch of the first Porsche 911 comes with a clear objective: to launch a convertible model but safe, able to withstand a rollover thanks to the steel arch on which supported the roof and rear glass.

This model was very fast but it also showed the world that it was very demanding to drive, it did also tend to oversteer and turbo-lag due to its short wheelbase and rear engine layout.

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