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Hot Wheels Roborace Robocar HW Race Day 2019 165/250 short card

  • Brand: n/a
  • Model: Robocar
  • Set: HW Race Day
  • Set Number: 9/10
  • Year: 2019
  • Designer: Unknown

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Out of stock


We are looking at a car that is characterized by belonging to a limited series called the Roborace. This car is characterized for being a vehicle that is possible to use it without pilot, without a human that controls its power and its movements.
Race formats will feature new forms of immersive entertainment to engage the public’s imagination. Through sport, innovations in autonomous technology will be advanced, accelerating improvements to road safety.
The world’s first driverless electric racing car. Designed by Daniel Simon, known for his work on Hollywood films such as Tron: Legacy, Oblivion and Captain America.

You can’t stay without this unique opportunity to get your hands on this incredible car!