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Hot Wheels Tall Ryder Grand Promeneur #7530 1987 long card*

  • Brand: Unknown
  • Model: Unknown
  • Set: Mainline
  • Set Number: #7530
  • Year: 1987
  • Designer: Larry Wood

Only 1 left in stock


Only 1 left in stock

Friki Collector, get this fantastic Hot Wheels Tall Ryder Grand Promeneur of the mainline series with serial number #7530 of the year 1987. It is the version long card.

The colors that adorn his bodywork are grey, yellow, red and pink. The Tall Ryder Grand Promeneur is a raised car, which in the front of the model you can see the metal part of the axles of the wheels, as its chassis is metal. In addition, it also includes a winch in the black plastic part that wraps around the car and divides the body of the chassis. The details of the lights are included in the body and painted in the same bright gray that bathes the whole car. The windows are tinted black, so it is not possible to see the interior of the vehicle. On the side of the car we see how the chassis protrudes a bar that serves as a step to facilitate the climb to the vehicle in case it was the 1:1 model. In addition, it includes some lines in red and yellow and another one in lilac color that joins to the drawing with the sign that puts TALL RYDER. Finally, the rear is very simple, as it is composed of a tinted moon, the license plate that is part of the metal chassis and the taillights, like the front, are part of the body and are painted in the same gray color of the whole car.

This car uses contruction tire and the chasis is made of metal.
This model came out for the first time 1985 and was designed by Larry Wood and made in Malaysia.

*The card has several soft corners.

Freak Collector, don’t miss this opportunity.

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