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Hot Wheels TV Series Batmobile Batman 118/250 2019 short card Loose

  • Brand: n/a
  • Model: TV Series Batmobile
  • Set: Batman
  • Set Number: 3/5
  • Year: 2019
  • Designer: Unknown

Out of stock


Out of stock

“Your super brain power has driven us mad Penguin” Batman in the TV series.

This car, which appeared in Batman’s first television series, was born based on Ford’s Lincoln Futura Concept Car, built during the previous decade in 1954. The body of the Futura, was manufactured by the bodybuilder Ghia of Italy, whose craftsmen molded the logos, on the panels of the car and carved the design style of a ray, on the body of the car.

The Batmobile comes in a beautiful black color and an extremely aerodynamic design, ready to be in any adveture Batman is willing to take. Over the years, the car has sported many special gadgets and fixtures cleverly designed by Batman, to help him in any particular situation.


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