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Johnny Lightning 1970 Dodge Super Bee Anniversay Series #293-04 2001

  • Brand: Dodge
  • Model: 1970 Super Bee
  • Set: Anniversary Series
  • Set Number: #293-04
  • Year: 2001
  • Designer: Unknown

Only 1 left in stock

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Only 1 left in stock

“Anyone could have come in the place and ransacked it…” John Francis Dodge

The year was 1970 and it was one of the greatest years in American automotive history. That year Detroit gave us some of the most popular and fearsome muscle cars ever made. The year is now 2000 and, at Playing Mantis, we are celebrating many of the 1970’s finest engineering feats with the new Johnny Lightning Anniversary Series. The vehicle you are holding is a highly collectible reproduction of one of 1970’s finest, decked out with Real Wheels series “rubber” tires, chrome Cragar rims, plus meticulous details, graphics and trim. Many have opening hoods with detailed engines.

Also included is a finely sculped heaviweight metal coin commemorating the car, and a nostalgic Ad Card, a real miniature advertisement from 1970 that ran in the popular magazines of the day. And to pull it all together is a sleek display stand labeled with the Anniversary Series car that rests upon it.

We can’t think of a better way to ring in the new millennium than with JL’s nostalgic Anniversary Series replicas throughout the year!

Get this true legendary car here, at Friki Monkey and enjoy one of the most beautiful cars Dodge has ever made.