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Lego 71022 Minifigures Harry Potter Series 1 – Harry Potter (01/22)

  • Figure name: Harry Potter
  • Set: Harry PotterMinifigures Series 1
  • Set Number: 1/22
  • Upper Body: Black
  • Lower Body: Black
  • Accessories: Hedwig and his wand.

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Out of stock

“‘I’ve got the Snitch!” – Harry Potter

Harry James Potter (the protagonist of the saga) is a mestizo magician, one of the most famous magicians of modern times. He was the only son of James and Lily Potter, both members of the original Order of the Phoenix. Harry’s birth was overshadowed by a prophecy, naming himself or Neville Longbottom as having the power to defeat Lord Voldemort. After half of the prophecy was reported to Voldemort courtesy of Severus Snape, Harry was chosen as the target because of his many similarities to the Dark Lord.

This caused the Potter family to hide. Voldemort made his first vain attempt to elude the prophecy when Harry was one year and three months old. During this attempt he killed Harry’s parents while trying to protect him, but this unsuccessful attempt to kill Harry led to Voldemort’s first fall. This fall marked the end of the First War of the Magi, and Harry is now known as the “Child Who Lived.

The figure of Harry Potter with his owl Hedwig and his wand.

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