Playmobil Milka Box Campaign 70163

🇬🇧 Milka Campaign
🇪🇸 Milka Campaña
🇩🇪 Milka Kampagne
🇫🇷 Milka Campagne
🇮🇹 Milka Campagna

  • Serie: Milka Box
  • Upper Body: White and green
  • Lower Body: Purple
  • Accessories: A baby bottle and a tiny goat
  • Theme: n/a
  • Year: 2018



In stock


In stock

This Playmobil box is based on a Milka campaign, therefor you can appreciate a lot of lilac, is it is the corporative colour of the brand.

In the box you can find a Playmobil figure of a lady dressed with a white and green top and a lilac skirt, and is also wearing a black necklace which matches her black shoes. This figure is holding a baby’s bottle of milk. The box also comes with a baby goat, so the figure is clearly the goats carer. This is a really cool and exclusive figure to add to your collection.

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