Do you know the most important manga of all time? Dragon Ball is a manga written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. It was originally published in the magazine Shōnen Jump, from the Japanese publisher Shūeisha, between 1984 and 1995.

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    Goku, the savior of the earth

    His plot describes the adventures of Gokū, a saiyajin warrior, whose aim is to protect the Earth from other beings who want to conquer it and exterminate humanity. As the plot unfolds, he meets other characters who help him in this purpose. The name of the series comes from magical spheres that when reunited invoke a dragon that grants wishes. On several occasions they are useful for Gokū and its friends as well as for humanity, although they are also constantly sought out by some evil beings.
    An important part of the Dragon Ball story takes place on planet Earth. Toriyama conceived the universe of his work as a “great sphere” divided into two sectors: the lower one is inhabited by living beings (“kingdom of the living”), while the upper one is the “beyond”, the place to which the characters go after their death, as well as the home of certain spirits and deities. In the middle of the two sectors is hell, the destiny of those evil beings when they die. Four quadrants can be distinguished in the realm of the living, each of which is ruled by a divine being known as Kaiō. At the same time, there are other more powerful beings who supervise the Kaiō, the Kaiō Shin, considered as “gods of creation”. On the other hand, there are the “gods of destruction” whose objective is to exterminate life in order to guarantee a balance in the universe.40 There are a dozen universes; the Earth is in the seventh, located in the northeastern region of the cosmos. It is governed by the god Kamisama -creator of the terrestrial Dragon Balls-, which is supervised by Kaiō of the North.

    Other notable places in Dragon Ball are the Planet Vegeta where the saiyajin, warriors with superhuman strength and combat skills, Namek where Kamisama comes from and in which there are other Dragon Balls created by Saichōrō, its ruler;41 or the small planet where 41 lives in the North, located in the beyond (Originally a planet of normal proportions, but shrunk by the god destroyer Bills).31 Earth is inhabited by beings with characteristics identical to humans, and in some cases weaker than saiyajin and other alien races; as well as talking anthropomorphic creatures -for example Oolong and Puar- and dinosaurs, as well as artificial organisms known as androids. Here is the Karin Tower, where master Karin lives and which connects with Kamisama Palace, home of the god of Earth, as well as the Tenkaichi tournament headquarters Budōkai where the world’s strongest warriors participate. The events of the anime Dragon Ball GT, whose argument was not written by Toriyama, occur mostly in outer space and on other planets that do not appear in the manga. Similarly, other universes and their inhabitants are described in the anime Dragon Ball Super. If you want to find the best Dragon Ball figures… ¡Friki Monkey is your place!

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