On June 16, 1903, Ford Motor Company begins its journey in a small transformed rail car factory in Detroit, with John S. Gray as president and Henry Ford as vice president. Its initial resources are tools, machinery, blueprints, specifications, projects, patents, some models and $28,000 from 12 investors. The first car was sold in July 1903, the two-litre Model A, assembled at the Mack Avenue plant in Detroit.

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Over the next five years, the young Henry Ford, who becomes president in 1906, directs a comprehensive development and production program, which is moved in 1905 to a much larger building (the Piquet Avenue factory in Detroit). During 15 months of operation, a total of 1,700 vehicles – the first Model A – leave the old wagon factory. Between 1903 and 1908, Ford and its engineers go through 19 letters of the alphabet (from Model A to Model S). Some of these cars are experimental and never see the light.

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