In 1901, John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge moved their Brothers Bicycle & Machine Factory to Detroit (Michigan, United States) from Windsor (Ontario, Canada), where they built parts for automobiles. Their bearings and other parts were in demand with the early auto industry and helped design engine parts for the first Oldsmobile cars.In 1902, the Dodge Brothers joined Henry Ford, who was seeking help to finance his own automobile company. They helped start the Ford Motor Company as well as manufacture parts for the first Fords, achieving mutual benefit for both Ford and the Dodge Brothers. By 1913, almost all of Ford’s parts (chassis, suspension, brakes, engines, transmissions, etc.) were built by Dodge.

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    the Dodge Brothers started their own auto company…

    They named the Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicle Company, electing 50 dealers in principle for hundreds of their applications, some of which continue today. In that first year, Dodge introduced the “Old Betsy,” a car built to be reliable and long-lasting. In that year, Dodge built a total of 249 new cars. In 1917, the Dodge Brothers also began building truck engines, initially for use by the U.S. Army during World War I, and at the end of the war on a commercial basis.
    In 1925, the Dodge Brothers Company was acquired by Dillon, Read & Company for about 148 million U.S. dollars ($2149,700,055 in 2018), which is said to have been the largest cash transaction in history up to that time. Dillon Read, in turn, sold Dodge to the Chrysler Company on July 31, 1928. Dodge also grew in importance from the 1980s onwards with a series of commercial and mechanical strategies that increased the quality of its models as well as their versatility and safety. Chrysler adopted many models, such as the Voyager, the Neon…

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