For the little ones, the Hot Wheels brand is synonymous with playing, synonymous with having fun and synonymous with filling your room with lots of colorful cars that they love and with the same details in their body that their father’s car could have saved in the garage. However, for collectors, Hot Wheels is not only synonymous with all that, but it is synonymous with the word quality.

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    Because if something characterizes this brand belonging to the giant Mattel is the variety of designs that include their collections, taken care of to the maximum detail and always choosing quality designers and the most leading car manufacturers in the market. That’s why Volkswagen is one of the brands that we can find among the miniature cars offered by Hot Wheels.

    Maybe you are a Volkswagen driver and you want your Volkswagen hot wheels as a miniature replica, or maybe you are enthusiastic about the most advanced brands of cars and you know that the best way (and the only one that will keep your pocket alive) is making you with a collection of hot wheels vw and be able to have in your power iconic models of the firm. Be that as it may, Volkswagen is a brand worthy of having its replicas and Hot Wheels knows how to give us what we want.

    Iconic Volkswagen models that will never go out of style

    If you make us choose an iconic model of Volkswagen, to be honest, we would not know whether to stay with the Beetle or the Golf. What happens to you? Our pocket could not afford the purchase of both, but instead doing it through Hot Wheels we can have all the possible variants of hot volkswagen beetle and hot wheels volkswagen golf in our power and enjoy seeing them every day on our shelves. And, of course, getting our surroundings to enjoy them like us and helping to make our collection of vw hot wheels bigger. For a collector anything goes.

    Deepening on the catalog of Hot Wheels we can see that, among its infinity of models, there are several that correspond to the Volkswagen Beetle: hot wheels custom volkswagen beetle, hot wheels volkswagen new beetle cup, hotwheels volkswagen beetle herbie or Hot Wheels Beetle of different years of launch, such as the hot wheels volkswagen beetle 2013, hot wheels volkswagen beetle 2010 or hot wheels volkswagen beetle 2012. And if you ask about the Volkswagen Bug, that model of 66 that was a kind of reversal of the Beetle, it also has its version Hot Wheels thanks to the hot wheels volkswagen bug! And what about the Golf, one of the most successful models of the German manufacturer?

    Well, obviously, they have also been manufactured in miniature by Hot Wheels and in their collection you can find the hot wheels volkswagen golf gti, the most iconic of the series, and also the hot wheels volkswagen golf mk7.

    You’ve never had all the most wanted models of Volkswagen so close, right? Now you can thank Hot Wheels! Make your collection huge and take it to the next level.

    A brand of cars that deserves to have the best models

    And apart from the Golf and the Beetle, Volkswagen is also known for other models, less demanded, but with the same quality and attractive design that characterizes the german manufacturer. For that reason, Hot Wheels did not miss the opportunity and, since its first year of existence (1968) already made room for the German brand with the creation of hot wheels custom volkswagen designed by Ira Gilford with the special collaboration of Harry Bradley. And it was from the creation of this Beetle that many more designs arrived ready to delight the collectors of miniature cars.

    Among the most sought after, the volkswagen bus hog wheels, whose volkswagen drag bus hot wheels version is one of the most desired from collectors since its first release in 1996 for its original forms; the hot wheels volkswagen caddy, whose miniature design is based on its European variant or the hot wheels volkswagen beach bomb, which is not surprising that it is also one of the most beloved, because you only have to see it to feel as if, really, we were up on his way to the beach. What is your favorite vw hot wheels? Because we all want them!

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