Who doesn’t like to play a superhero, a private detective, Toreto or Rocky himself? This is what you will find in this section of Friki Monkey. From real models that have appeared in movies such as the Batmobile by Batman, to countless vehicles on the big screen! Show More
For example, if you like the plans to go well, so do we! That’s why we offer a wide variety of A-Team Van, so you can choose the one that suits you best both by letter design and price.
But if you’re a fan of tuning, nitrous oxide and quarter mile racing, then Friki Monkey has the entire Fast and Furious collection, from Brian O’conner’s Supra to Toreto’s Charger.
Now, if you’re into super cars. And we’re not talking about today’s super cars, but the real super car, the real Knight Rider driven by Michel Knight. Then, in Friki Monkey you will find the greatest variety of K.I.T.T, but not only of him, but also you will find the K.A.R.R, the prototype of K.I.T.T.
Finally, and before making a spoiler of everything you will find in this section, we would like to mention a series that has accompanied us since very small at lunchtime, yes, we talk about The Simpsons.
Here you will find both in Retro Entertainment version and Mainline version, the family pink sedan and The Homer, that fantastic car that Homer invented.
If you’ve read this far, congratulations, you’re ready to see this section and not die of the excitement of seeing unique models.

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