The First Editions collection started more than 20 years ago. The cards share the typical blue card. All the new castings that the giant Mattel wanted to include within its mainline series, were expected impatiently by the followers of the beloved brand Hot Wheels. Everybody was curious and wanted to see what was going on with the new models and what could be expected within the next years.

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No doubt, this collection has enough history, since its year of creation in 1996 with an impressive repertoire of debut cars, with models as loved as the 1996 Ford Mustang GT, the Chevy 1500, the Volkswagen Drag Bus or the impressive Ferrari F50 Spider. This series has continued to be called that way until 2006, the year in which the name was changed to “New Models”.
Generally, each annual collection consisted of a total of 12 cars during the first 2 years, but from 1998 the procedure changed, including at least a total and not inconsiderable figure of 25 new cars per year. That number seems to be quite low considering that the modern mainline series have over 300 models taking into consideration all possible colour variations. The First Editions line has something special. More and more people, especially the young adults generation might relate special childhood memories to them. Get them here at Friki Monkey.

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