This is one of the iconic series within Mattel’s Hot Wheels universe, the HW City. It is a series that has been carried out since 2016, also having appearance in 2017 and finally in 2018 but only with one vehicle, the Baja Hauler, which is similar to a light transport truck.

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    In its first series, that of 2016, we do find a wide variety of cars. Among these cars, we highlight the various taxis, such as the time ataxxi, as well as the various models of the ’67 Austin Mini Van. The Chill Mill, Haulinator and Fast Gassin, are other models that resemble or try to imitate vehicles that we can find in the city, since the Fast Gassin would be a truck that transports gas, as well as the Haulinator, a truck for transporting vehicles to dealers or scrapyards.
    On the other hand, we also find vehicles with extravagant and curious designs such as the Crate Racer and Speed Dozer.

    The new modifications …

    In the 2017 series, we find new versions of Time Ataxxi, both in different colors and models. The Fast Gassing, The Haulinator and Repo Duty are also repeated in this series but it is important to mention the new models presented for the 2017 series such as the Sky FI helicopter, which was produced in different colors, as well as the Ford Transit Connect, which is also a new production of the series and is iconic enough not to mention it.

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