This collection is quite small due to its recent creation, but it doesn’t lack in greatness. There are 15 different models with a total of 27 variations all together. This series started in 2016 and so far there have only been two launches, one in 2016 and one in 2017. During the first year 10 models were brought out into the light, and the following year, half the amount were released.

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    These vehicles were designed to use on track, this means two things: they are all sports cars and this collection is PACKED with racers. So if your thing is racing, this collection was made for you.

    Digital Circuit Models

    The first model we are going to talk about is the ’11 Corvette Grand Sport. This car is an absolute stunner, although it may not be the fastest of Corvettes -in actual fact, it is probably one of the slowest- it is the best suited for daily driveability. This one in particular is a rich red colour with white stripes on the hood and sides of the vehicle, it also happens to have the treasure hunt flame. The designers behind Mattel definitely nailed it with this car!

    The next car has a special story behind it. The Shelby Cobra Concept was the car that Ford showed after getting back together with Carroll Shelby. Although this car wasn’t ever available to buy, it did have certain visability, it appeared on TLC in an episode of Rides. There were certain modifications of this car, one of them being the one that is included in this collection.

    The last car that is 100% worth mentioning is the Winning Formula. This amazing racer car has three different variation in this collection and is designed purely for racing.

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