At Mattel, as in all major organizations around the world, they are taking more responsibility for raising customer awareness of the importance of renewable energy, the sustainability of the planet and being able to enjoy the world of motoring in a greener way.Show More

    For this reason, in 2016 they launched the “Green Speed Series” for their legendary Hot Wheels. This is characterized by launching to the market vehicles that are powered by both solar energy and electricity. In it, we find 5 cars: The 2008 Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S, Super Volt, Power Surge and the HW Formula Solar. Among these cars, Mattel gives us the ability to choose the color we like because there is a variety among which we find it difficult to choose. After the launch of the series in 2016, Mattel decided to stop production for two years, as in 2019 another 5 vehicles were launched again: the Tesla Model 3, Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Tourism, Electro Silhouette, Tesla Model S and the Solar Reflex.

    The brand that revolutionizes driving…

    That the brand that gets more presence in this series is Tesla is not surprising, as it is the pioneer brand in the implementation of renewable energy in the world of motor. Tesla is an American company, headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Its founder is Elon Musk, which is responsible for designing, manufacturing and selling electric cars, components for them and domestic batteries on a large scale.

    At the heart of Tesla technology is the engineering of the electric vehicle’s propulsion system that includes: battery pack, engine, power electronics, gearbox and control software that allows all components to form a system and function perfectly.

    Tesla Motors designed one-gear gearboxes for the Roadster and Model S. They combine low weight with high efficiency to match the speed and torque of AC induction motors. They are manufactured at the Tesla plant. Electric vehicles contain many processors to control safety and power functions. Tesla Motors builds the firmware of many processors with algorithms that control traction, vehicle stability, acceleration, regenerative braking, the state of charge of each battery pack cell, and safety systems.

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