This series is based on cars that do not exist in real life, rarely will you see replicas of these in the streets of your city. Show More

    The Batman category includes the many cars featured in Batman’s famous films. From the simplest cars to the most complex cars with also the only helicopter from Batman movies. For example, the Classic TV Series Batmobile model features the most famous car of all Batman movies. It’s a perfect reconstruction of the real car in small size. The Batman collection also features lesser-known cars that remain legends from films such as the Batman Live Batmobile, which dates only from 2013, or the Arkham Asylum Batmobile. The Batcoper is a new edition that features the only Batman vehicle that is not a car.The series contains only 5 cars, they are the only ones that take up Batman’s world.

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    The Patrol Surf category is mainly made up of cars that are characterized by the elements of the sea. Like water wheels, shark shapes or skates.
    They represent the many elements that represent the surfing world and its characteristics. Several elements are represented on the 11 cars in the collection, such as mammals living in the water.

    The Dino Riders category features cars that have elements from previous centuries such as the Stone Age and dinosaurs.
    They highlight bright, bright colours that make cars more real than life.

    The Future Fleet category was designed in the future. Cars represent all new cars from the future. From the flying car like a spaceship like the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 to the new design motorcycle. It is a collection that leaves room for imagination.

    The Street Pests category includes animals that are present in everyday life as known animals but are less seen on a daily basis as mice, scorpions and spiders with the Arachnorod.
    But not that, in this category have also found few cars more known as small trucks. It is mainly made up of motorcycles and fine cars.

    In Friki Monkey we have this and other categories like HW Hot Trucks and HW Green Speed.

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