The Main Street category started in 2011 and continued in 2012. In 2011 10 series were finished but 21 new Hot Wheels were released because some series had different variants. In 2012 10 more series were completed and 18 new Hot Wheels were launched.

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    All Hot Wheels in this category except Amazoom are from America. Amazoom is an invention of the designer Mark Jones. He also came up with the name. He called the Hot Wheels Amazoom because he was in Brazil at the time of his idea and the Amazon River flows through Brazil. In the category  there are brands like for example Dodge, Hummer and Corvette. There are models from Corvette like the Corvette Grand Sports or from Ford the Ford Mustang Gt. But there are also lesser known models such as the Lincoln Continental. In this category there are also different car models ranging from American muscle cars to SUVs to sports cars. Muscle cars such as the Dodge Challenger. An example for the SUV is the Hummer and for the sports car the Corvette Grand Sport. There is even a motorcycle in the category the Boss Hoss Motorcycle.

    What else do the Hot Wheels have in common?

    The Hot Wheels have in common that they all have stickers, these stickers are for example a logo from the police, Highway Patrol or the Fire Department. The Corvette Grand Sport for example has the sticker of the “Roanoke Fire-EMS” and the Hummer H2 has the sticker of the “El Segundo Police”. The Pontiac Firebird carries the sticker of the Highway Patrol even the motorcycle has the sticker of the Longmont police in addition the motorcycle even has flashes of lightning

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