This series is a bit tricky to locate. You obviously know the New Models series, so HW Premiere was the name of New Model’s international line. It’s for that reason that it is difficult to locate the series and varieties of this collection.

However, we are going to tell you about some models that we think are really worth taking a look at. First of all, the ’67 Pontiac Firebird 400. A great car produced in 2010, its fantastic metallic green and long hood is what defines this car. It also has a really cool dual exhaust. This was also the first Hot Wheels that Mattel’s designer Brendon Vetuskey launched. There are a few varieties of this model, mainly varied in colour, but they are all bright and vibrant.

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    The next model we want to talk to you about is the Dodge Challenger Drift Car. This amazing vehicle was based on Mopar’s Drift Challenger driven on the Formula Drift Circuir by the incredible Samuel Hubinette. This particular design was created by Phil Riehlman, there are three varieties of this model. They are identical apart from its base coat colour. One is blue, one is red and one is green, all of them are quite bright tones and extremely race looking. They all have the paintwork details, the word “Dodge” and a pattern too difficult to describe, so you have to just check it out for yourself (trust us, you should really do that).

    Anyhow, the point is that this is a really cool collection with a story to tell behind it, and you can take a look at this series and other like Hot Wheels Off Road, Mild to Wild and Metro at Friki Monkey! What are you waiting for?

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