Get your Hot Wheels team ready and jump on the circuit! The Hot Wheels Race Team collection stands out for something because their cars have Hot Wheels as their main sponsor. Not all of them have appeared in the Race Team Series, but most of them have. There are more than 100 castings ready to compete in many different series, collections and lines to present this Hot Wheels Race Team decoration, also this one with many different colors.
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    The increible cars of this collection

    Some very significant models in this collection are the beloved Bone Shaker, which is an original Hot Wheels design. This is a famous and popular Hot Wheels casting, originally available only as an open ceiling piece, but later also available in closed ceiling versions. Mattel even went so far as to create a full-size version. Other incredible models in the collection have been the HW50, which is the successor to the HW40. The HW50 is a foundry produced specifically for the 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels. It is designed as a racing car with a large V10 engine block and side tubes.

    Another incredible model is the first generation Ford Escort. This model was designed in real life in Britain as a replacement for the old Ford Anglia, and was a breakthrough for the company in the European and Asia-Pacific markets. The Ford Escort has been built in several European countries in addition to Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan. The Hot Wheels casting represents a rally car based on the two-door right-hand-drive bodywork.

    Get all the team members at Friki Monkey and go out and win the race!

    Some models as we have mentioned before are in collections such as Nissan, New Models or Model Series among many others.

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