There’s no emergency Hot Wheels can’t solve! In 2016 the mainline vehicle collection HW Rescue was inaugurated, a collection exclusively dedicated to rescue cars such as police cars, firefighters, cranes, helicopters etc.
Within this collection there are vehicles as peculiar as the Chevy Blazzer 4×4 with exclusive ZAMAC paint, whose model was exclusive to Walmart. The Blazer 4×4 was designed by Larry Wood and introduced for the first time in 1984 and operated until 1996. In 2004 the Blazer 4×4 returned for that year only in a small race using the original casting and die in a series called “The Lost Cars of China”. Since then it has been re-equipped from 2016 and is back in production, and is renamed as Chevy Blazer 4×4.
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    A very special edition

    2017 also saw the release of the special Target Red Edition, an edition consisting of 12 models with red and white cards. Within this collection are models such as the ’77 Pontiac Firebird (which was created by Hot Wheels designer Jun Imai for the Modern Classics series), the ’70 Chevelle (which the interior of this model has a roll bar installed and the seat is part of the base plate, giving this model an interior consisting of two colors) and the beloved Kool Kombi. When it comes to vans, the Volkswagen Kool Kombi proudly distinguishes itself from the rest of the pack. The Volkswagen Kombi, which was the symbol of counterculture in the 1960s and 1970s, has also become a beloved part of West Coast surf culture and is famous around the world for its old-school charm. The Hot Wheels represents a first-generation model of the iconic Volkswagen Kombi. The first generation of Volkswagen Kombi was manufactured in Germany, Brazil and Australia from the 1950s to 1967. The Hot Wheels model features a custom delivery variant with an open tailgate and surfboards protruding from the rear. There is also a huge exhaust and two small stabilizer wheels at the rear of the vehicle.
    If you want to see other interesting models, don’t miss the HW Racing, HW Race and HW Premiere collections – get to complete your collections in Friki Monkey!

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