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    HW Screen Time was born in 2016 and brought out 5 different models. These vehicles we can find from 2016 are: Back to the Future Time Machine Hover Mode, Snoopy, Grease Rod, Cool-One by Super Mario and The Beatles Yellow Submarine. Of all these, the most successful was the car from the movie Back to the Future.

    In 2017 they baked another batch of these fantastic cars on a scale of 1/64. This time they were eleven different cars of ten different themes, as curiosity we can say that they took out a model with a variation of color, just was The Mystery Machine. The rest are: USNC Warthog, Ice Charger Fast & Furious, ’68 Corvette – Gas monkey Garage, Minecart Minecraft, repeated the model of The Beatles Yellow Submarine, Milano de Guardianes de la Galaxia Vol. 1, The Jetsons Capsule Car, The Simpsons Family Car, K.I.T.T Knight Industries Two Thousand.

    In the year 2018 they repeated with eleven different cars of ten different themes. This time they repeated many cars from the previous two years but also included new cars including Barbie’s ’14 Corvette Stingray Convertible. They also produced cars from films such as Gru mi Villano Favorito (Grumobile), 101 Dalmatas (Coche de Cruella de Vil), Fast & Furious (Ice Charger and ’70 Dodge Charger by Dominic Toretto) and James Bond (Aston Martin 19063 DB5).

    Finally in 2019 were ten cars, this time repeated models of 2018 but also saw the light cars that until now had no one in their hands. These were: the Batmobile edition Scooby Doo!, the ’71 Mustang Match 1 James Bond 007, the Spider-Mobile, the Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701 and U.S.S Vengeance ships and finally the ’15 Mercedes-AMG GT from the latest Fast & Furious film.

    Other heroes’ cars.

    Of normal, the cars of series and movies or are of superhero or are of pilots that make them roar like beasts, reason why it occurs to us to recommend you two series more, where you can find the car that you are looking for. One series is HW Rescue for all the superheroes without layers that take care of us day by day and the HW Racing, for all those pilots that squeeze their machines like the good pilots that appear in the police chases of the movies.

    Enjoy any of these cars to scale and relive the best moments of your childhood.

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