This mainline was created in 2016, with a wide range of varied cars for collectors and lovers of these products.
The collection has 17 cars, although some of them are repeated as are the case of the ’15 Jaguar F-Type Project 7, the Porsche 993 GT2, the Gazella GT, the Hi- Roller and the Side Ripper along with the Porsche 356 A Outlaw.

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    These cars have more than one unit within the series, but they differ due to the incredible and differentiated finishes they have.
    The cars have a very sporty finish, which makes this series very attractive to collectors.

    The cars of the serie…

    Now we will analyze the performance of what are the best cars we can find within this series.
    First, one of the most incredible of the series, the Porsche 993 GT2. This car is based on the 911 models of the same brand, but with differences because it used a twin turbo compressor engine, we found significant improvements such as larger brakes and a more rigid calibration of the suspension. a GT2 is significantly lighter than the Turbo due to its use of rear-wheel drive instead of four-wheel drive, and the lightening or elimination of interior components.

    As a result of these improvements, the 993 was significantly more expensive than its predecessor the 911.

    Initially, this car was built to meet all the requirements needed to classify the vehicle as a motorsport car and to comply with GT2 class regulations.
    The Porsche 993 GT2 had widened plastic mudguards and a larger rear spoiler with air shovels on the struts. The original 3.6L 993 GT2 engine.

    From this model 57 road cars were built (seven of them with right-hand drive). The 993 GT2 has a top speed of 301 km/h and could go from 0 to 100 in 3.9 sec.

    Where you might find the car you’re looking for is in these three series; HW ScreenTime, HW Rescue and HW Racing

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