Like every year, Mattel launches a new assortment of Hot Wheels cars. That said, it’s time to talk about the HW Workshop mainline series which comes in a 1/64 scale. A curious fact is that the new castings usually include many color variations.
HW Workshop is a series which was born in 2014 and left aside just the following year, in 2015. According to our sources this series has not had any 5-pack since its first appearance. Show More

    Let’s start with the year of its creation. HW Workshop saw the light of the day for the first time along with several subcategories. These subcategories are: All Stars, Garage, Heat Fleet, Then and Now, Muscle Mania and Performance. These 6 consisted each of 10 different cars plus various colour variations.
    Among the most distinguished castings we can find, the Aston Martin 1963 DB5, the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, the ’69 Mercury Cougar Eliminator or the Nissan 370Z among others. No doubt, a great mix.

    The dream of the Friki Collector.

    Every collector should find a beloved piece for his collection.
    In its second and last year of appearance in 2015 we find that Mattel has eliminated some subcategories and created new ones. This time the magic number is 8, with 10 or 5 cars per subcategory and again with various colour variations. Leaving out the already issued ones in 2014, we have the following novelties: Thrill Racers, Speed Team, Night Burnerz, HW Garage and HW Drift Race. Very popular castings were e.g. the Ducati 1199 Paniagale, the Tesla Model S and the great Toyota Supra.
    In conclusion, this mainline includes many of the top cars that every collector would like to buy. To be precise 254 diecasts, taking into account all its variations. In Friki Monkey we have a large number of models which surely cover your needs and if you do not find them remember that every day we publish new models.

    If you’ve been left wanting to see more cars, paste a view in HW Stunt, HW Sports or HW Speed Graphics.

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