This series has been released in different years, first in 2008 with 4 cars and more recently in 2017 with this time 12 cars.

In 2008 : 4 cars called Hummer H3T Concept,’40’s Woodie, Switchback and Surf Crate. There is a 4×4, a van from the 400s, a car with a special place for surfboards and a more atypical car.

On each model there is a special place to put a surfboard on it, hence the name of this category.
The places for surfboards are on most of the cars on the roof or trunk.

In 2017 : There are brands such as Chevy, Volkswagen and Datsun.
It is the same principle as in 2008, its have cars made for surfing with each one a space reserved for this purpose.
But this year’s are slightly more modern and more practical than the old ones.

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    Focus on the Kool Kombi VW van

    The Hot Wheels casting represents a first-generation model of the iconic Volkswagen Kombi. The first generation of Volkswagen Kombi was produced in Germany, Brazil and Australia between 1950 and 1967.

    The Hot Wheels casting features a custom delivery variant with an open tailgate and surfboards protruding backwards. There is also a huge exhaust pipe and two small stabilizer wheels at the rear of the vehicle.

    If you’ve been left wanting to continue watching exclusive Hot Whels and somewhat difficult to get, access these three more series, the Surf n Fun seires , the Steet Beats and the Slick Rides

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