The Then and Now series was first launched in 1995 for an 8 pack. This outstanding set included eight amazing vehicles, these were: ’67 Camaro, Ferrari 250, ’57 T-Bird, Old #5, ’93 Camaro Coupe, Ferrari Testarossa, T-Bird Stocker and Fire Eater.

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    This collection didn’t continue growing for the next 16 years, as it wasn’t until 2011 that Mattel decided to expand Hot Wheels’s Then and Now collection -which is ironic considering the name of the collection-. The return of this series was released with the Batman Vehicles Then and Now, it included eight models inspired by all the Batman films from over the years, they also found the perfect moment for their launch: little before the new Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises” came out. This clearly generated a stronger proximity to those potential and present clients that could be interested in this collection, as it meant that this audience would be on “Batman alert” at that moment due to the film coming out shortly.

    Sub-segment of the Showroom

    The Hot Wheels Then and Now collection next appeared in the mainline as a sub-segment of the Showroom line in 2013, the next two years after that, the series was the mainline segment Workshop’s responsibility. From 2016 up until now it has been a stand alone mainline segment. The last year they expanded the collection (2018) they released 23 different varieties in one hit, which has been their maximum so far.

    By now this collection has about 60 different models with a total of 113 different varieties such as convertibles, fastbacks and even trucks. In this range you can come upon a large amount of car brands including: Volkswagen, Ford, Corvette, Mustang, Porsche, Nissan, Mc Laren, Mazda, Honda, Aston Martin, Camaro and Toyota.

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