As a good Hot Wheels collector you’ll want to get hold of everyone and at Friki Monkey we have all the sets for you to get it!
Here you will find the best sets of all the years, so that you can complete all your collection. You will find collections as varied as Batman sets, highway 35 metal collection or the incredible real riders series.

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    An incredible story behind

    It was 1968 when Elliot Handler, one of Mattel’s founders, seeing the poor quality of the toy cars his children played with, decided that someone should do better. That same year Hot Wheels was born and nothing was ever the same: 50 years later, they have become one of the best known toys in the world.
    The first Hot Wheels in history was the Custom Camaro, a model that set new quality standards: a new system meant that the wheels did not brake so much because of friction, the design stood out for the interior and exterior details, the hood was functional… Soon 15 different replicas of real cars and other originals were added to form the first run, which received the name of The Sweet Sixteen.
    In the half century that has passed since the birth of the brand have not stopped drawing models of all colors and shapes, created sets and collections annually reaching to create the not inconsiderable figure of 20000 designs of different Hot Wheels and a total of 6000 million cars, an impressive pace of no less than 17 units per second accompanied by a total of 9656 kilometers of the beloved and recognized orange track.
    So collector, what are you waiting for to get them all?

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