In this mainline, we find the 60th anniversary of Corvette, a car with great fame and renown manufactured by the brand Chevrolet and began production in 1953. This car has the characteristic of being the first sports car manufactured by the brand Chevrolet.

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    It has seven generations of the vehicle, from the C1 that began in 195, the year of creation of the car. to the C7 that began to manufacture in 2013 and is still the generation that is still manufactured today in 2019. Although in the United States they are sold under the Chevrolet brand, in Europe and Asia, especially in Japan, they are sold under the name of Corvette. Another outstanding feature of this car is the large number of awards it has won in the world of motoring, and its participation in the Indianapolis 500 miles as Safety Car since 1978. The first designer of the Corvette brand was Harley Earl although the car he presented did not have the great reception that was expected.

    The 60th Anniversary

    For the 60th anniversary of the Corvette brand in Hot wheels, a series of 8 cars was launched in 2013. This series had 8 cars well differentiated between them and they were real beasts of the engine. Among the most prominent we find the ’55 Corvette, the 1958 Corvette Coupe, the Corvette Stingray, the 1963 Corvette and finally the C6 Corvette.

    The C6 Corvette is one of the vehicles that got the highest print run of the series produced by the American brand. Its design is very similar to that of the C5 but had essential differences such as technical improvements and changes in the front and rear among other details such as the fact that it has 550 hp.

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