Are you a fan of big cars perfect for transporting everything you need? Well, you’ve found this incredible collection of Hot Wheels created by Mattel that won’t leave you indifferent: The Cargo Carriers Series

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The Cargo Carriers series belongs to a main series known as the Car Culture series which is aimed primarily at adult collectors and focuses on cars of different styles or cultures. The cars of the Cargo Carriers series, like its main series, have been built entirely of metal, both its body and its base, its tires are Real Rider Rubber Tires, has a body of die-cast and chassis.

They are not normal cars…

This collection, as we have said before, has 5 different but equally fantastic models, including: the Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus, Ford Transit Supervan, Volkswagen Sunagon, the Nissan C10 Skyline Wagon and the Honda Odyssey.

Although they are all equally important and special in their own way, I would like to highlight one in particular and go into more detail such as, for example, the Volkswagen t1 Panel Bus.
The Volkswagen t1 Panel Bus has always stood out for the design of its box-shaped body with a length of 2 meters, for its extensive capacity of 750 kg and to accommodate 9 adults with enough space for the entire load in the trunk. The rear 4-cylinder engine delivers 34 hp.

Think no more, lover of real cars created entirely of metal, this is a collection created just for you. Are you going to be without it?

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