This Forza Motorsport series is comprised of 6 different models that were present in the Xbox One and Windows 10 racing game called Forza Horizon 3. These cars first appeared in retail stores in New Zealand in June 2017 to celebrate the debut of the Hot Wheels Expansion.

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    Also say that only four of all the cars are really Hot Wheels designed models: 2005 Ford Mustang, 2011 Bone Shaker, 2012 Rip Rod and 1969 Twin Mill.

     These race cars are ready to give gas!

    A curiosity is that for sale in the United States, customers had to buy them in the large stores of “Walmart”, since no other store could acquire them for sale.
    This series will make the delights of the amateurs to the cars of competition and that in addition they can be taken to the street, since they are cars made for circuit but that adapted for the street. In addition, the great video game enthusiasts will also fall in love with this collection because each of them leads you to remember the great video games of cars. In this series we can find from models more common to see on the street as the ´09 Ford Focus RS, as the Lamborghini Hurricane LP610-4, through the BMW M4, the McLaren P1, or rarer models to find as the AMC Javelin AMX. Another curiosity of the series is that all cars are made in Thailand.

    Where you might find the car you are looking for is in these three series; Euro Style, Disney Classic and Boulevard.

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