Majorette is a French company, dedicated to the production of scale models and toys of cars, trucks, buses and tractors die cast, that is, metal (zamak) injected and plastic parts.

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    It was founded in Lyon at the end of 1961 by Emile Véron (brother of Joseph Véron, founder of Norev) under the name of Rail-Route Jouets, to be changed by Majorette in 1966. This as a consequence of the change of focus of the company, from the manufacture of railway models to scale 1:43 to that of miniature cars around 1:60.

    Since then an explosive local and international growth begins, with a line of products centered in the series 200 to which other lines were incorporated as the series 300, of trucks with trailer and other longer vehicles as helicopters, diverse accessories and models in scales as 1:24, 1:36 and 1:18.

    The company went bankrupt in 1992.

    Mr. Véron is forced to leave the company, which, renamed “La Nouvelle Société Majorette”, is acquired by Ideal Loisirs in 1993. That same year he bought Novacar from Minia Porto, Portugal, whose cars became part of Majorette’s 100 series, a simpler and cheaper line, with plastic models with metal bases. Around 1997 it is finally absorbed by the 200 line.

    In 1996 Triumph-Adler A.G. of Germany becomes controller of Ideal Loisirs. During the 90’s the production of the 200 series and progressively of all product lines leave France. Mostly to Thailand, others, as the models 1/18 to Portugal (and then as Solido in China) or some plastic accessories to the Czech Republic. The brand was also used to distribute products from Chinese companies such as Anson, Yat Ming and Welly. Under this administration, the sale of radio-controlled cars was promoted, with their systems subcontracted to other companies.

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