BMW is a manufacturer of premium cars and motorcycles of German origin and capital. Its acronym stands for “Bayerische Motoren Werke” (Bavarian Factory of Engines) and its headquarters is located in the German city of Munich. Although BMW initially started building aircraft engines and later motorcycles, today it is best known for its range of cars.

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    It is considered that, officially, the company BMW was born in 1916, specifically on March 7, 1916. In fact, what was born on that date is one of the two companies whose merger gave rise to the current BMW, but at that time was not yet called so.
    The Treaty of Versailles, which put an end to the war, prohibited Germany from manufacturing aircraft engines, so the BMW factory had to find a way to survive by reconverting its facilities. After manufacturing brakes for trains and engines for boats, BMW began to manufacture motorcycles.
    The first complete vehicle designed and built by BMW was the BMW R32, a 4-stroke boxer-cylinder motorcycle designed by the famous engineer Max Friz and presented to the public in 1923.
    BMW would not manufacture cars until 1928, and the first units were actually a modest British vehicle manufactured under license from Austin Motor Company, the Dixi 3/15 PS which would become the BMW 3/15 PS and thus becomes the first car to wear the BMW brand from 1929.

    BMW group, Rolls Royce and Mini.

    The BMW Group consists of the brands BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce, is one of the largest automotive groups in the world and does not belong to a larger group.
    All three brands share technology, from engines to platforms or gearboxes, through security features and all types of software. Traditionally, BMW manufactured all its models from a rear propulsion or all-wheel drive scheme, but since the incorporation of MINI the group also manufactures front-wheel drive cars, not only as MINI but also under the BMW brand.

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