“My commitment to stand behind Datsun gained the trust of dealers and sold cars. My motto was: Dealers make money first, and then we make money.” – Yutaka Katayama

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    From 1931, the models manufactured by the union of the companies Kwaishinsha and Jidosha & Co. Ltd. were renamed Datsun, a brand that is now unfamiliar, but was a reference in the seventies and eighties and may return to our market.

    Datsun in Spain with the 370Z.

    In Spain – except in the Canary Islands, where it has had an importer – the Datsun brand is almost completely unknown, as the import of vehicles at the time of maximum international splendour is very limited, especially with models such as the Datsun 240Z, a sports car that left its mark in the middle of the planet and whose sequel we know today as Nissan 370Z.

    The Fairlady Z, the flagship.

    With the not very suggestive official name of Nissan S30 was introduced in 1969 a car that marked a time for the brand, which marketed in different markets such as Nissan Fairlady Z or Datsun 240Z.

    Their forms had the clear objective of seducing the American public, the most important market in the world, with a long front and a rear fastback inspired by models such as the Mustang.

    Datsun, Nissan and Infiniti, a brand for each segment.

    Today, the Datsun brand exists in some markets with the same role as Dacia for Renault, economical, simple and practical models. One could say that Nissan has 3 ranges: Datsun for low-cost vehicles, Infiniti for luxury models and Nissan for mid-range models.

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