The Ford brand was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford and quickly acquired over the years a great reputation and prestige that raised the brand to the level of multinational, managing to establish various offices around the world, from Europe to Asia. Show More

    This company gained much of its fame and renown in the 1920s because it was one of the driving forces behind a change in understanding new companies due to the division of labor. It began to carry out the creation and production of its cars with a chain assembly that allowed to reduce the working hours of the employed workers and by reducing the production costs it allowed the employees to earn more money, in comparison with the employees of the other companies of the time.

    The Matchbox series

    For this mainline of Ford’s Matchbox, we will focus on the mythical Ford car that made it famous and was a sales leader in the U.S. market, Ford’s Model A.

    This model was first created for Matchbox from 1980 to 1993, and appeared in the Matchbox 1-75 series. The versions of the A series cars that were created for this matchbox mainline are the MB73 and MB55. The cars have the same structure but with varying colours, different finishes and wheels.
    Now we will explain what are the Matchboxes. These, initially were the rivals of Hot Wheels until Mattel grouped them in the same company, so currently only manage to compete for the designs although they are very different. While Hot Wheels are designed to encourage creativity and create dreamy vehicles only admirable at these scales, Matchboxes are reliable creations of cars that imitate, so they are always trying to fix in cars that have been or are currently in the automobile market.
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